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PowerQuest WorldWide is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit that serves mission hospital doctors,
nurses, and technicians in the developing world with engineering solutions that provide
consistent energy/power/light and medical devices to save lives in a needy world.


Assist Healthcare professionals to make informed decisions on appropriate medical devices, install the devices according to applicable codes and manufacturer standards, train expatriate and nationals on the proper operation and maintenance of these devices and design and install the electrical environment such that these devices will operate properly.


(Why we exist, our calling, who we serve)


Our Quest: Engineering solutions to bring His Light and Power worldwide




(Where we are headed)



Engage others in the ministry allowing Bill to focus on design and project management


• • •


Create a pool of technically competent individuals to assist with installations


• • •


Mentor technically competent individuals to support projects


• • •


Seek funds to support additional staff and travel


Core Values

(The non-negotiable guardrails guiding decisions)


Our actions are with honesty and honor without compromising truth


We believe in being a good steward of God’s resources: people, money, and energy


Commitment to Excellence
Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do


Maintaining engineering certifications to provide quality service according to industry standards


Our designs are creative solutions for the developing world


Power Quest Global, LLC was started in October of 2010 as a “For Profit” company of Electrical Contracting and Consulting as a Professional Engineering and a “Limited Class” electrical contracting license in NC. My intention was small projects to help friends with electrical needs domestically. The LLC gave the business a legitimate entity for the purpose of professional insurance and financial accountability. All of the vendors I worked with before through Samaritan’s Purse were glad to set up accounts with Power Quest Global, LLC with the same preferred pricing schemes.

After leaving Samaritan’s Purse, it was my intention to receive a salary from donated funds receipted through ITEC for services rendered to ITEC for electrical consulting for both electrical and medical devices. I had worked with ITEC for nearly 20 years doing occasional electrical designs and consulting apart from Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse has become increasingly focused on disaster relief both domestically and internationally. Medical Missions is a long term commitment which in reality is diametrically opposite to short term disaster relief in the way it is executed and the mindset of making either successful. Samaritan’s Purse allowed Jackie to travel once a year but the projects I am working on require longer time in the field especially to do adequate training of expatriate and national staff. Jackie is an Occupational Therapist and is excellent with children with involved medical issues.

I would leave Power Quest Global, LLC as a ”moonlighting” venture for an occasional project domestically. I felt my calculations for living expenses matched our projected “missionary support” income to ITEC. Travel expenses to the field of service would be required of the requesting organization as our “missionary support” was not adequate to fund travel expenses.