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Guest Blog – We Have Solar Power!

Guest Blog Post

Bert and Debbie Oubre

We Have Solar Power!

Debbie and I are with the PowerQuest team next to our wonderful new solar array for the guest house.

Bill Wright, in the orange shirt, is the PowerQuest founder and president. His wife, Jackie, is standing in front of him. They live in Boone, NC. Standing to Bill’s right is Ryan Wenger, from Winston-Salem, NC. To Bill’s left is Peter Schrug from NC and to his left is Noah Dalton, from Colorado.

These wonderful folks just completed three weeks with us here on the campus of Hopital de Guinebor ll. They worked hard in this hot and dry weather to install our new solar power system.

Today I did surgery in our OR and enjoyed good lights, electrocautery, and even A/C!

Our outpatient clinic, ER, maternity, and wards have 24/7 electricity. Adequate lighting has added security to G2.

We praise and thank God for this power team. May He protect and bless them as they travel back to the US.

Bert Oubre


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