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El Sembrador – WGM

El Sembrador - Honduras

El Sembrador – WGM

El Sembrador (the sower) is a larger farm serving the indigenous children of eastern Honduras. It started as vocational school and still has courses in those fields of study but is primarily a primary and secondary school preparing children and young adults for advanced schooling and academics. Years ago, I helped install a hydroelectric plant on site. Water is precious commodity in Honduras to save water for irrigation of farm areas which subsidizes the school expenses, we will be installing 60 KW of Grid Tied Solar Equipment.

  • Scheduled

    December 2017

  • Location

    Catacamas, Honduras

  • Project Scope

    Design and install a solar system to interface with the Hydro Plant

    • Time: 1 week
    • Skills: Commercial Electrician with Solar and Inverter experience
    • Volunteers: 1