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Hospital of Hope

Hospital of Hope - Togo

Hospital of Hope

The pictures below are the existing Automatic Transfer switch installed at the hospital about two years ago. The motorized mechanism has failed several times and the entire switch needs to be replaced. We will also be installing two more battery banks for the battery inverters to supply power during power outages which are becoming more frequent.

Hospital of Hope - Togo      Hospital of Hope - Togo

  • Scheduled

    January 2018

  • Location

    Mango, Togo

  • Project Scope

    1. Installation of 30 KW of solar panels
    2. Installation of 18 KW SMA Sunny Island inverter system with 2000 AHr of battery capacity

    • Time: 2 weeks
    • Skills: Commercial Electrician with Solar and Inverter experience
    • Volunteers: 1