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Martyr’s Hospital, Uganda

Martyr’s Hospital, Uganda

As we walked into the hospital grounds we were greeted with a new sign. The hospital is doing week and enjoying the electrical system we installed last year and busy with patients in the clinic area.

My first assignment was replacing a defective power supply circuit board in the OUTBACK POWER systems inverter. It had failed some months back and we were able to get a warranty replacement, but I had to do the replacement on site. The two Ugandan young men were involved in the troubleshooting by remote, so it was good to explain to them all the bits and pieces of the operation and function of the inverter. I also purchased another power supply for the second inverter in the lab area. I replaced both and then verified programming and all is well.

Before the original installation, one of the solar panels was shattered. A replacement panel was purchased in country.

With the help of Geoffrey and Godfrey along with Gerrard and niece Claire , we added the new panel with two others from the original group to finish the configuration of the solar system.


As they say the DEVIL is in the DETAILS. I ordered 50 single bulb LED light fixtures with 100 Bulbs for Martyrs Hospital. Everything was arrived in good order EXCEPT!??!!? The Bulbs were double ended which means the power is attached to both ends with the pins jumpered. Nevertheless, the fixtures came single ended. You guessed it, I had to modify all of the fixtures to match the bulbs. I put on some relaxing music on my iPhone and Bose Headset and went for it. It took 6 minutes per fixture. So it took me a span of one afternoon on Sunday and Monday morning.

We have worked two and half days configuring and installing 42 new LED light fixtures around the hospital. I have worked specifically on the lights down the external corridor. Godfrey and Justice have worked with Minna around the hospital replacing old fixtures, The results have been remarkable. The cheery new light has lifted the atmosphere of the entire facility.

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  • Location

    Martyr’s Hospital Ibanda, Uganda

  • Project Scope

    To complete the additional piping requested to the electrical system.

    • Time: 1 week
    • Skills: Electrical
    • Volunteers: 1