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Mukinge Hospital – Zambia

Mukinge Hospital – Zambia

Mukinge Hospital is a missionary facility located in rural Zambia. When I was at World Medical Mission (Samaritan’s Purse), I travelled to Mukinge Hospital several times with electrical teams working with the powerline and electrical systems. Mukinge Hospital has now built a new surgical building which just opened a few months ago. Part of the new construction was the installation of a medical gas system comprising of a O2 concentrator system, vacuum pump, medical air scroll compressor, gas oulets and all the piping. Because of funding, the purchase of the medical gas equipment got delayed several times over but PowerQuest WorldWide has finally purchased the devices and equipment. These items will be sent to Mukinge on a 40′ sea container sponsered by Samaritan’s Purse hopefully in August 2021.

This past week, I travelled to Tri Tech Medical’s facility in Avon, Ohio to assembly the O2 manifold and review the list of purchased items from them. Noah Dalton featured in the righthand picture was assembling the O2 manifold. Noah and I along with several others will be installing the machines, piping and outlets once the materials arrive at Mukinge. Noah and I have worked on many medical gas installations in the past and he lives in Colorado. In the lefthand picture, Russ Godfrey from Tri Tech Medical was assisting us in the leak and pressure testing of the manifold. Russ has been key in arranging all the components and will hopefully be travelling with us to Mukinge for the installation.

After we did the assembly and reviewed the list of items, we loaded the components in my truck and I took them to the warehouse of Samaritan’s Purse in Wilkesboro, NC. The medical gas machines are already at the warehouse and the copper piping and fittings will be sent to the warehouse in a week or so. In addition, I delivered the electrical equipment to the SP warehouse this past week . We have experienced many supply chain delays but It should all be recieved at the SP warehouse in a couple of weeks.

Many thanks to Russ Godfrey specifically and the staff of Tri tech Medical in assisting us with this project.

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