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Installation of the New Primus Steam Sterilizer – Togo

Installation of the New Primus Steam Sterilizer – Togo

From the backside of the new Primus Steam Sterilizer, it looks very complicated with hoses, piping and let’s face it stuff. Well, it is complicated because a steam sterilizer which ensures sterile interments and fluids for the OR and patient care is a complex piece of equipment. The sterile process is based on Steam Temperature and Pressure for a precise period of time to kill the BUGS. On the mission field there are two types of sterilizers. Those which are manually controlled by an operator and those that a computer controls the operation and timing of the process. Guess which machine gives a consistently better result??? These machines require steam traps and filters to ensure the steam entering the device is clean and does not contain any moisture droplets thus all the extra devices in the steam line before it enters the machine. I can thank John Teusink for a brilliantly configured system of piping and devices. We did have several brass fittings with cracks and defects which needed to be fixed.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two types of machines.

Nevertheless, not all the installation went smoothly. The new machine had a defective pressure sensor due to improper storage of the machine at the container site. The defective component caused the computer control to go WACKY and resulted in the controller circuit board going bad. Fortunately, I had a spare pressure sensor I brought with me but the circuit board we had to STEAL out of the other Primus sterilizer we were going to install. We ran several cycles and all was well.