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Tenwek Hospital – Bomet Clinic Radiology

Tenwek Bomet X-Ray

Tenwek Hospital – Bomet Clinic Radiology

Tenwek Hospital is a large hospital of greater than 300 beds and 7 surgical suites. It is situated about 8 KM from the city of Bomet. Many of the outpatients must take public transport to the hospital to be seen by healthcare professionals. The hospital has purchased and is opening a clinic in the town limits of Bomet to be more convenient for patients. We will be installing a state of the art Digital radiology suite in the clinic which will interface with the main Tenwek Hospital radiology department.

  • Scheduled

    Pending International Shipping & IDF Paperwork

  • Location

    Bomet, Kenya

  • Project Scope

    Install DEL Medical X-Ray unit with DR

    • Time: 1 week
    • Skills: X-Ray equipment specialist, Mechanical assembly