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Update 2020

Update 2020

The above pictures are taken from my workshop area in the basement of my house in Boone, NC. I am configuring, fabricating additions to the cabinets, bus bars, battery wiring and circuit breakers for the project at the International Vision Volunteers Clinic in Zimba, Zambia. This prefabrication will save many days of field work. We are awaiting the battery inverters from SMA Germany to complete the shipment being handled by JAARS in Waxhaw, NC.

The following Projects are in process:

  • Digital X-Ray Imaging Equipment – Tenwek Hospital, Kenya – Materials are on site
  • Solar and Electrical Equipment – Martyrs Hospital, Uganda – Material are on site
  • O2 machinery repair and O2 Expansion of Piping – ELWA Hospital, Liberia – Materials are on site
  • O2 Equipment, Surgery Lights, Steam Sterilizers – Karolyn Kempton Hospital, Togo – Materials to be shipped in August 2020
  • Surgery Lights and HydroPlant Bearing repair – Kudjip Hospital, PNG – Materials to be shipped July 2020
  • Installation of Electrical Control Panels – Mbingo Hospital, Cameroon – Materials are on site awaiting the building of the Diesel House – November 2020
  • Solar Systems – Kalukembe Hospital, Angola – Materials to be shipped by Samaritans’ Purse in August 2020

Besides design, purchase of equipment, and tracking shipments, several locations have experienced problems with their equipment, and I was able to help with remote troubleshooting. In two case, I purchased replacement parts sending them by DHL. In addition, I have done 15+ hours of continuing education and numerous other product webinars to keep current of new equipment and processes.

Interestingly, I have received requests for power systems and solar for different organizations in Africa and PNG to which I have not responded. As expatriate travel and foreign aid plummets, the infrastructure of national utilities will do the same. Only those organizations who can be OFF GRID will survive the collapse of the national power systems. This sounds a bit apocalyptic but I have seen this trend slowly developing up to now, but it is rapidly increasing due to Covid 19 effects.

Dr. Kilowatt