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Obviously, these are different and difficult times, PQW teams have not been able to travel internationally. I have travelled domestically by vehicle acquiring materials for various projects awaiting international shipping. In preparation for resuming international travel, I have done some research on what other NGOs and our insurance are using as criteria for international travel. I have found a RISK FACTOR for international travel published by the Department of State and endorsed by the CDC. The RISK FACTOR, from what I understand, looks not only at the COVID-19 Pandemic but the country’s healthcare system and such issues as civil unrest due to food supply interruptions. The RISK FACTOR ranges from 0 which is “No Risk” to 5 which is an “Active War Zone”. The present RISK FACTOR dated March 21st is 4. Most NGOs say a RISK FACTOR of less than 3 would be acceptable. Thus international travel is not imminent.

PowerQuest WorldWide is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit that serves mission hospital doctors, nurses, and technicians in the developing world with engineering solutions that provide consistent energy/power/light and medical devices to save lives in a needy world.



  • Mukinge Hospital – Zambia

    Tenwek Hospital is a large hospital of greater than 300 beds and 7 surgical suites. It is situated about 8 KM from the city of Bomet. Many of the outpatients must take public transport to the hospital to be seen by healthcare professionals. The hospital has purchased and is opening a clinic in the town limits of Bomet to be more convenient for patients. We will be installing a state of the art Digital radiology suite in the clinic which will interface with the main Tenwek Hospital radiology department.


We do work worldwide and have completed projects in many countries such as: Togo, Niger, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Chad, and Cameroon.



Skilled volunteers are welcome and essential to the success of the installation phase of projects at mission hospitals.