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Mango Togo 2018

Ryan Wenger, Allen Penney, Matt Lethbridge (from ABWE Project Office) and I travelled to Mango, Togo to do the following tasks: Install 30 KW of solar panels along with SMA solar inverters battery inverters and 2000 Ahr Relion batteries at the Radio Hope radio station Add 800 AHr of battery

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El Sembrador 2018

Many years ago (about 28), I was involved in in-stalling a hydro plant at El Sembrador. The facility is now wanting to save water for irrigation and to extend the stored water in the reservoir for longer periods of time through the year. The farming activity of El Sembrador is

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Hopital de Guine Bor II

Solar System before the installation of new 4 KW solar array for the guest house. Giving them a refrigerator, freezer, lights and fans 24 hours a day. Team Picture taken in front of the completed 4 KW solar array for the guest house. Dramatic change on the roof of the

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Partners in Hope – Malawi

Bill arrived in Malawi- Partners in Hope Hospital- on Saturday evening for the third attempt since May to commission the SMA Multicluster Box (sort of the “brains” of the solar system installed in May). SMA agreed to send a technical representative from South Africa to do the commissioning afer Long,

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