March 13, 2016

While Bill was involved in getting the room ready for the new X-ray machine, I was busy as well. I joined up with a team from a church in Michigan. It was an all women team who participate in the Sunday School ministry of their church. We were involved in a variety of relationship building activities with the patients and their families to help them know we care (because God cares). We met children and their parents in the waiting room. Most arrived around 8 am and the last left around 2 pm or so so we also tried to make the wait as enjoyable as possible for the kids with various activities and toys they took home. Needless to say, it was easier on the parents when the kids were engaged. And the OT in me tried to add some therapeutic twists to the toy or activity (such as hiding small beads in play dough for the child to “find”).

An observation I made is that the waiting room becomes a bit of a family where parents may talk among themselves about the journeys they’ve been on with their children. I believe there is therapy for the parents also because so often they feel all alone and they realize they are not. The prayer here at CURE Hospital is that not only will they come to experience support from other parents and staff but that they will also come to know the One who loves them and promises to be with them always through good and difficult times.

We also met children and their parents who had been admitted for recovery from surgery and prayed for their requests. A few afternoons we went on home visits to children needing follow up. The first was a 14-year-old boy with what we in the US would call Cerebral Palsy. He looked really good in his wheelchair but was quickly outgrowing (after 8 years!) it, so before leaving their house I asked them if they could locate the manufacturer’s name on it somewhere. After some hunting they found it and I told them I would contact the company and see if they have a larger version with the same options as the current one. I will be in touch with the team that came regarding cost etc., (they are helping with his and his family’s general and health related needs) and hopefully something can get worked out to get him another one. His name is Angel.

If God lays it on your heart, I know his family would also appreciate prayer for spasms he’s having that they think are painful because he cries when they occur. He’s also having some surgery to help him bear weight on his feet – please pray again that the Great Physician will guide the CURE surgeon and for a quick recovery.

Our other home visit was to visit an 8-year-old boy with a significant leg length discrepancy¬† I would guess at least 5″) who has had and will have multiple surgeries to try to make it so walking is not so tedious. Please pray for him, his family and the medical staff.

One morning we went around the hospital praying for and with all the employees who are all considered part of the team. I have so enjoyed meeting the patients and their parents and hearing this stories. They are a very warm and inviting people. A few of the kids came back to give me a hug when they (finally- it can be a process) left.

1. Great progress on the X-ray equipment room prep.
2. Matt Rucker- who will be with Bill for the actual X-ray installation this week and fine tuning arrived safely this afternoon.

Additional Prayer Requests
-The language here is Spanish of course. Please pray for both Bill and me that more and more Spanish will come back to us and that we can better understand their style of speaking so we can connect even better (and with less mental drain).
– Please pray we will share the love of Christ with all we encounter-patients, parents, hospital staff and staff and other customers where we are staying (which is called a “hostal” but it’s nicer than a “hostel” but sort of a budget hotel having breakfast and Internet. PS It’s comfortable.) There are many opportunities to converse with the staff and the others staying here (church work teams, peace corps workers, ¬†students, etc). May we be faithful.

We are half way through – one more week to complete everything.

Jackie (for us both-Dr and Mrs Kilowatt)