April 21, 2014

Hello Friends and Family,

Christ is Risen! Happy Easter to all. We began our day with a sunrise service for us volunteers. We read scripture, sang some songs and shared how we’ve seen Christ’s love since we’ve been here. Some shared how they’d experienced Christ’s love when they visited a church and felt such a warm welcome from the members, who then showed such generosity in sending them back home by showering them with fruit and veggies from their gardens. Another shared how He had spared a team member from injury when he was on a ladder at a pole and the ladder snapped. The team member was spared injury thanks to the Grace of God and a safety belt. It is always good to look for evidence of Christ’s Grace throughout our day and remember to give Him the Glory He is due. Even more so as we remember His death and resurrection today and the price He paid for our redemption from sin as He showed Himself victorious over sin and death. Thank you, Lord.

We then came back and had some breakfast and went to a bush church to fellowship with some PNG brothers and sisters. It was about a 20-minute walk to get there but it was interesting in parts as a result of all the rain we’ve been getting – mud caked in layers on our sandals and shoes and there was some little slip/sliding in places too. We took our shoes off at the door and the men sat on the right side and the women and children on the left side on a woven mat which covered the floor of the church. We, of course, were given the front “row”. It was a simple service – greetings to us, several groups sang accompanied by a guitar, a short message was preached from the Word and Bill then shared a few words of encouragement relating to Easter, prayer and the farewell handshake/hug line as we said thank you to everyone. But before we left, the people gave us produce they’d collected from their gardens for us to take with us! Papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more – we certainly were humbled by their generosity.

This afternoon we were given an official tour of the hospital by a family practice doctor who’s been here for 11 years. The hospital began in the 1950s and serves the district of 1/4 million people. They recently upgraded and modernized the hospital and are currently expanding the Operating Room. They have a number of places for visitors – all are quite comfortable with hot and cold water, stoves, refrigerators and washing machines, tile floors and relatively comfortable beds. We are about an hour from Mt Hagan where the grocery shopping is done. We can’t say we’re wanting for anything.The little girl I met last week with meningitis probably from TB was discharged. She never stopped crying when she saw me so I tried to make suggestions for her mom. I was told she was ” walking” while her mom was holding her when she was discharged.

There are more kids in the pediatric wing that I can purposefully visit, though.

So that’s what it’s like here. Oh and as I alluded to earlier- we are getting lots of rain. But when the sun comes out…as it did today…..it is plenty hot. And finally, we are 14 hours ahead of Boone, in case you were interested.

Jackie (Mrs Kilowatt)