September 24, 2014

Hi all…It’s My turn.

Having settled into our home for the next few weeks, I headed up to the hospital today to look for Woody and Solomon. Woody came by Monday afternoon to let me know about a few of the patients at the hospital since he heard I’m an OT. Woody is a SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist), more commonly known as a Speech Therapist, and is here with his wife who is a pediatrician. He has a burden to serve children with developmental delays by not only providing speech therapy here at Tenwek but also by working with the government and other interested groups to support this population and their families with medical, educational and networking opportunities.

It is just in the development stage but with Solomon, a Kenyan physiotherapist at Tenwek, and Woody’s wife there is a motivated core group. I met and worked (under the umbrella of the Kenyan physiotherapist as supervisor) with 2 kids with CP and a young woman who had a severe stroke following the recent birth of her twins. Having the enthusiastic Woody sharing in easily understood English pertinent history, progress and difficulties thus far made the morning go so easily. I felt the Lord guiding my mind, my mouth and my hands as I saw Him putting to use knowledge and skills I’ve learned through the years and even in my latest very part time job with developmentally delayed adults. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with the SLP and the physiotherapist to see what the Lord brings our way. It’s exciting,too,to be here during the birth of this new outreach while I’m here.

Thank you for your prayers for insight and appropriate practical ideas to help these individuals become more functional. And most importantly that Christ will be lifted up in our actions and conversations as we seek to pass on His amazing grace that we have so abundantly received.

I’ll keep you posted….